Photo by Ymke Jansen

Photo by Ymke Jansen


Milla Novo is an artist based in the Netherlands.  She designs exclusive wallhangings for high-end interiors. These unique pieces of art are all designed and hand made by Milla Novo in her studio in Haarlem and are created specifically for the clients’ needs. The uses of these works vary from high-end interior styling, to event decoration, window displays, and home decor.

Although Milla Novo is currently based in Europe, she has a deep connection with South America and this is where she takes her inspiration from. Her roots lie with the indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile, The ‘Mapuche’ people.  Her mother who still resides in Chile continues to play an active role in the Mapuche community and practices traditional weaving techniques.  She has helped introduce Milla Novo to Mapuche crafts and more specifically the patterns and symbols that have been used for centuries. Milla Novos work gives her an opportunity to share a small part of Mapuche heritage by integrating these traditional symbols into many of her large macramé wall-hangings



The Milla Novo logo also incorporates one clear identifiable Mapuche symbol ‘‘Piwke”.  (translated as ‘Mapuche heart’)


To many, the term ‘macramé’ evokes bohemian thoughts of the 1970’s, but Milla Novo aims to blow the dust of this image and bring the technique into the 21st Century with a bang.  Size matters, so large pieces are her main focus.  Working big and with non-traditional materials such as black or metallic ropes sets her apart from the crowd and provides the perfect stage to incorporate the Mapuche inspired patterns.  Quite simply, Milla Novo is providing sophisticated interiors with just what they had been waiting for.